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Blue Polartec  figure skating overall for girls

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Girls’ thermal overall for figure skating must be warm, made of high-quality fabric and tight fitting, which is extremely important for those who want not only to do figure skating but to hone their skills. The tight-fitting suit allows a coach to track every movement of the young figure skater and make the adjustments timely. Moreover, the improved aerodynamic properties are highly required when skating at high speed and only the tight fit sportswear possesses such properties.

Polartec clothing stretches in 4 directions and is a tight fit. The special texture of the material provides these properties. The basis of Polartec consists of 2-component jersey construction made of the mixture of synthetic fibers. The overall outer layer is holeproof and quite stretchable. The inner layer consists of the velour nap fabric.

What are other advantages of Polartec Power Stretch thermal fabric clothing?

  • High heat retention
  • Light material with great powerful protection against wind, snow and petty rainfalls
  • Improved fastness to rubbing
  • Easy to wash and to dry
  • No need for ironing

The major advantage why many people decide to buy this particular girls’ thermal overall for figure skating is its hypoallergenicity. Microfiber has been tested and approved for use in the manufacture of children’s sportswear.

It’s necessary to emphasize the water-wicking properties. In general, Expert thermal overall is bought for skaters who are not only learning but improving their skills. The perfect sweat diversion provides the additional confidence.

Polartec Power Stretch closing provides you with mobility and maximum freedom of movements during the performance of the most difficult elements.

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Weight 500 g
Height, cm

104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140