Thermal fabric of the Power Stretch series, manufactured by Polartec LLC, is a highly elastic material with increased moisture-wicking and breathable properties. Thermal suits made from Power Stretch fabric provide maximum freedom of movement for sports and outdoor activities.


Thermal fabric Polartec Power Stretch is a highly elastic material with enhanced water diffusing and “breathing” properties. Thermal clothes made of Power Stretch fabrics provide maximal freedom of movement during workout or outdoor activities. The fabric matches wool in its ability to retain body warmth. At the same time, it is much lighter, dries quickly, efficiently diffuses body’s sweat without absorbing moisture and protects against the elements. 

Microfibers do not cause allergic reactions; they belong to the “next-to-skin” type. The material is highly durable, washes easily and dries quickly.

The unique properties of the material are achieved by using a two-part knitted structure based on a mixture of synthetic fibers – the durable and elastic outside layer and the soft next-to-skin layer with velour fabric of special wickerwork.

  • Thermal fabric stretches in 4 directions, envelops the body and provides maximal freedom of movement.
  • Retains body warmth. Microfibers are extremely thin; therefore, there are much more individual fibers on a unit of surface than in any regular fabric. Due to this factor, a number of air cavities form inside fabric and prevent loss of warmth. Such cavities are not closed allowing vapors to evaporate freely.
  • Fiber structure provides enhanced durability; the material is machine-washable.
  • Keeps the body dry. The moisture movement from the next-to-skin velour layer to the outside surface is in one direction: moisture is diffused through so-called touch points of the internal surface acting as a candle wicking and, once reaches the outside surface, spreads across the area much wider than the original one. The drying speed is twice as high as that of cotton.
  • Resists the elements. Microfibers are characterized by almost zero water-absorption and an extremely low wetting quality. Fibers form a highly dense structure at the outside fabric surface preventing penetration of wind and rain from the outside.


For the production of Power Stretch, a special pile technology has been developed. The pile is integral with the base and cannot be torn off the fabric. To do this, first a knitted fabric is woven, on the surface of which knots are created, which are torn, after painting, on special equipment for the formation of pile. The number of knots and their size determine the density and length of the pile.

The fabric is subjected to anti-pilling, antibacterial and water-repellent treatment. Anti-pilling treatment prevents the pile from rolling, which allows the products to retain their original appearance for a long time. Antibacterial treatment prevents the growth of germs and reduces the likelihood of unpleasant odors. The water repellent treatment enhances the outer layer’s ability to retain water.

Power Stretch fabrics should be washed in cool water, preferably with a mild, non-corrosive powder or detergent. It is not recommended to use bleach or water softeners. Dry without using a heater or in a tumble dryer at low temperatures. The thermal fabric does not need to be ironed. For best results, we recommend washing the garments separately.