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Children’s thermal suit from Polartec for figure skating

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Figure skating requires the perfection of skills, distinct techniques to perform all elements of the program, even if the skater is just a child. To win victories in the future it is very important for the young athletes to train regularly from their childhood. The skater’s comfort plays an important role for the successful training. That is why it is necessary to buy the suitable thermal suit allowing boys to train comfortably.

Boys’ thermal suit for figure skating is made of Polartec Power Stretch material, USA. The basic set of properties of thermal fabric is:

  • Elasticity. Wearing this suit he skater’s movements will be light and free. It is suitable for performance of the most complicated carries!
  • Heat retention. This clothing warms even better than wool while providing moisture diversion. The fabric is famous for the best air interchange.
  • Protection from weather conditions such as light rain, snow, drizzle or wind. Perfect solution for active outdoor training!

Polartec thermal fabric clothing is made of microfibers. Microfiber has been tested and approved for use in the manufacture of children’s sportswear. The suits don’t provoke allergic reactions. The figure skater will be sure there is no odor even during the intensive training for account of antibacterial treatment.

Thermal fabric suit care tips

Polartec high-quality clothing having improved fastness to rubbing will serve for a long period of time. The suit can be easily washed in the washing machine. It will dry faster and will not crumple like cotton clothing.

Polartec Power Stretch is produced for the effective trainings of the young champions!

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