KMC two-piece suit

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Polartec ice skating training suit

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The modern thermal set for girls KMC is designed for figure skating at low temperatures. Little fashion-mongers will be excited by the design and bright saturated colors of the set, while their parents will appreciate its quality, durability and comfort. Due to high density of its material and its ability to retain warmth, this thermal set is especially useful for beginner skaters, whose movements on the rink are not quite active yet. The thermal dress and leggings are made of the original material Polartec PowerStretch, innovative fabric of the American manufacturer Mill Direct Textiles. Polartec is right fully considered a revolutionary product combining the advantages of both wool and cotton being highly elastic and enveloping the body tightly. Professional athletes all around the world choose clothes made of Polartec. Clothes made of Polartec thermal fabric are specially designed for active sports:

  • Being warm enough for cold conditions of a skating rink, they allow the body to breathe freely.
  • Polartec clothes keep the skater’s skin dry even at high loads.
  • Polartec PowerStretch is not allergenic and does not irritate children’s sensitive skin.
  • The material is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Clothes made of thermal fabric efficiently resist the elements.
  • The fabric is extremely light and stays comfortable even while performing the most complex elements of figure skating.
  • The fabric is washable in automatic washing machines, does not crush and dries quickly.

For girls taking their first steps on the ice, it is as important to buy thermal clothes as it is for professional athletes. Smooth fabric perfectly enveloping the body without hampering the movements will help beginners to feel like real skating champions. At present, Polartec PowerStretchis considered the best option for production of thermal underwear and clothes for outdoor sport activities.

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